So you are going to be spending a fair bit of time in Japan and need to buy a car, what do you choose? There is so much available and everything is true JDM spec, no export models, no de-tuned engines.. Just pure JDM goodness! Giovanni found himself in that position a couple of years ago, and after a bit of research he decided an S13 Silvia would suit him perfectly.

The model to be exact is a 1991 Silvia S13 club K’s. Being a 91 this Silvia was one of the first Nissan’s to be fitted with the popular SR20DET from factory. There are plenty of aftermarket items available too, so Giovanni decided he wouldn’t have any trouble finding parts for the car, then if he was to ever get bored of the SR20DET he can swap to a Rotary or V8, or anything in-between. The S13, like all S-Chassis is such a wonderful platform!

Giovanni picked up the S13 in stock standard condition, with the only additions a turbo timer and a personal steering wheel. First to receive an upgrade was the audio system, with thicker gauge cables fitted so he could install his sounds. After that it was a labor of love to get the S13 to the immaculate state it is now presented in. As the car is 25 years old Giovanni decided to replace everything that would eventually need replacing or break (fluids, fuel pump, TPS, etc).

Once the car was in as new condition it was time to get started on the aftermarket mods. Under the hood you will find some top brand bolt on items including a Blitz air intake and HKS Hi-power exhaust. Other mods include an ISIS exhaust manifold and GReddy Front Mount intercooler , the rest has been left relatively stock, for now… Externally this car is rocking the OEM+ look, with a Nismo aero bumper and Bomex lip up front, 180SX Sideskirts and 180SX rear valances. Extra bits include the R32 Skyline Type M boot spoiler and DMAX roof spoiler. The custom deep blue pearl paint job really sets it off.


  • SR20DET
  • Factory 5 Speed Manual
  • Blitz Intake
  • HKS Hi-Power Exhaust
  • ISIS (Now ISR) Exhaust Manifold
  • GReddy Front Mount intercooler



  • 5 lug swap
  • BC BR Racing Coil overs
  • Cusco arms all round
  • Z32 Brake Upgrade



  • Work Meister S1
  • Front: 18×9.5 +3 with 215/35/18’s
  • Rear: 18×10.5 +3 with 235/35/18’s



  •   Status LED Custom Taillights
  •    Brick Headlights
  • 180sx Center Rear
  • Side Step Diffuser
  • DMAX Roof Spoiler
  • 180sx Rear Valences
  • R32 Type M Rear Spoiler
  • 180sx Side Skirts
  • Nismo/Aero Front Bumper
  • Bomex Front Lip
  • Custom Deep Blue Pearl Paint



  • Bride Brix Seats
  • Pioneer Double Din DVD/CD/MP3 Player
  • 2 RE 10″ Subs
  • Rocksford Fosgate Amplifier
  • Polk Audio Component Speakers
  • Custom Speedometer

Future mods for the S13 include some more interior mods, with the addition of a Nardi steering wheel, a reupholstered rear seat and some carbon fiber bits n pieces. Then focus will be turned to the engine, another SR20DET that will be built to achieve 400-450HP. Once done the SR that currently resides in the car will make its way back State side to be fitted into his wonderful wife Rhonda’s 240SX.

Giovanni would like to thank the following people starting with god, and his wife Rhonda Greenidge “for allowing me to build my dream car.” Donald Jackson, Mick Mcslippy Hendickle, Nick Lalonde, Josh Singletary, Rory Conway, Nino Morgan, Satoru Ozawa, Emanuel Santiago, Kenny Rountree, David Washington, Dakota Williams, Spencer Sims, Lance Kitchens, Yancy Nunez, Jordany Brown, Daniel Draper, Daniel Roache, Jonathan Mitchell, Brandon Ashemore, Brandon Pierce, Higgs Reldnac TJ McNeil, Ed Denard, Josh Newton, Gilman Domingo, Corey Crim, Chris Redbeard, Ebina-San, Floyd, Deaundre Christopher, Chris Molyneux, Zuberi & Akeem Greenidge, Victor and Eric. “These people and more either helped me directly or indirectly with my car. They’ve supported me so far in my build and I know they’ll have my back in the future endeavours car related. I apologize if I forgot anyone in advance.”

You can follow Giovanni on Instagram @s_ichi_san_greenidge

Follow the crew on Instagram @swervunited

Or on Facebook: SWERV

Photos thanks to Giovanni Greenidge

Words by @schassis_

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