Sean Behan’s 1995 S14.5 Silvia

Sean picked up his S14 back in December 2009, he had been looking for quite a while and after countless nights of searching this one came up and it suited his requirements. Although it was a bit rough in places it was full of goodies that he couldn’t pass up and with an SR20DET under the hood Sean was “as happy as a pig in sh!t”

It wasn’t long before Sean was playing with the car making changes and adjustments to suit his needs. The engine was serviced, diff oil changed, NGK Iridium plugs fitted and the power FC was tinkered with resulting in a big power increase, but after a month of driving the car Sean was getting sick of the rough body work and other imperfections, so he decided it was time to take it off the road for a tidy up. The engine and box were removed and some time was spent in the engine bay cleaning it up to a more presentable level. Gaskets were replaced and the turbo was upgraded to a T28R. A JapSpeed 4 Branch Manifold was also fitted along with the JapSpeed stainless exhaust elbow off the back of the turbo. Sean also fitted new braided turbo lines and cleaned up a lot of the engine parts. A new water pump and thermostat were fitted and the inlet manifold was stripped and cleaned out, the rocker cover was stripped and repainted along with the cross member and sway bar. The steering rack received a fresh coat of silver, all the surface rust was removed, brackets painted and the alternator was polished leaving the under bonnet area looking fresh and new. The engine was then put aside while Sean focused on the rest of the car.

Next up was the under body which was in fairly good condition, Sean power washed, wire brushed and power washed again before priming any spots that had been slightly rusty. After that he applied Tetroseal which will keep the chassis clean and rust free for years to come. With all the arms and hubs removed Sean stripped them back to metal and re painted red. Sean then moved his attention to the cars exterior. The rear bumper had been half ”flushed” on at some point, shockingly bad so this had to be removed. After an hour and a half, 4 hacksaw blades, 2 Stanley knifes and a wood chisel it was finally off. Sean then proceeded to sand and fill all the imperfections in the body and kit before he moved to the interior, which was stripped and also received the Tetroseal treatment. Sean also modified his center vent unit with fiberglass to hold three gauges and the boost controller. With the interior under control attention was once again focused on the exterior, the body kit was re fitted and all the miss fitments were fixed, shaved and molded to get the perfect look. The car was then masked up and primed ready for paint.

The color of choice is one that Sean has always liked, so when the time came, yellow was high on the list of favorites. The car received a full re-spray inside and out including the engine bay and door jams which are usually forgotten. With the car fresh out of the paint booth it was time to start putting all the pieces of the puzzle back together, they interior had been completely stripped, dash and all, so Sean had a big task ahead of him.

Now it was time to move back to the engine upgrades, Sean fitted a new Lightweight flywheel and 4 puck Helix paddle clutch, the manifold and down pipe was wrapped, JECS 440 cc injectors went in and it was time to put the engine back between the strut towers where it belongs. Once back in place Sean was on the downhill slide and it was time to start work on all the little bits and pieces that needed to be done before he could call it finished. The headlights were fitted with 3000k HIDs and reinstalled with genuine Nissan headlight brackets as they had only been cable tied in by the previous owner. Sean also replaced the front guard liners again with genuine Nissan items. A Japspeed Short Shifter was fitted as was an XS Power front mount intercooler and piping. While doing these extra mods Sean decided to upgrade the front brakes, using R33 GTS-T 4pot callipers and discs.

With all the hard work done is was time to fire up the SR after 16months of sitting around, but to Sean’s disappointment it was not going to be as simple as putting the key in and cranking it into life. After a lot of inspection it was finally discovered that the power FC was dead. The decision was made to replace the factory ECU and add a NIStune daughter board and HKS actuator which means it is now fully remappable. With the car now up and running it was time to work on the exhaust. Sean wasn’t happy with the way the JASMA system sounded and opted to go with a custom twin pipe set up.

Engine / Gearbox

  • SR20DET – 88,000km’s
  • Z32 AFM
  • DRIFTWORKS Rocker Arm Stoppers
  • Custom S/S intake pipe
  • T28R turbo
  • HKS adjustable actuator
  • Japspeed S/S manifold
  • Japspeed S/S elbow
  • Custom flexi downpipe
  • 3″ decat
  • 3″ cat back exhaust
  • 3″ custom S/S shotgun tailpipes
  • Circuit Sports Exhaust silencer valve
  • Black FMIC pipes with red silicone joiners
  • XS Power FMIC
  • JECS 440 cc injectors
  • 255 LP/H fuel pump
  • Genuine KOYO full copper radiator
  • GReddy ProFec B Spec II Boost controller ( 0.9 low boost , 1.2 high boost )
  • NisTune ECU mapped by Stiv MacPhearson @ MDT Tuning
  • Lightweight flywheel
  • 4 puck Helix paddle clutch
  • Japspeed short shifter
  • 2 way LSD
  • 287bhp at 0.9bar

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

  • Work Emotion XD9s – 18 x 10 et 18 all round
  • HSD DT coilovers (7/5 springs )
  • Driftworks 4 arm kit; Adjustable rear camber ,toe , traction arms with rose joints and adjustable front tension rods with rose joints
  • Polyurethane bushes front and rear
  • Driftworks “MITTO” fast road alignment settings
  • S15 front anti roll bar
  • Front upper strut brace
  • R33 GTS-T brakes all round
  • Driftworks braided brake lines
  • Fully undersealed


  • S15 font end conversion
  • S15 Spec R headlamps with 3000k HIDs
  • US style city lights
  • S15 vented fibreglass bonnet
  • 25mm vented conversion front guards
  • Full URAS body kit
  • Rear bumper and side skirts all moulded into panels
  • Rear arches rolled and flared
  • Smoothed boot lid
  • Full professional re-spray in Nissan 431 Yellow
  • Jap pressed metal number plates


  • Recaro front seats on BRIDE low mount rails
  • Rear seats , door cards and parcel shelf trimmed in red suede material
  • Original SILVIA floor mats
  • OMP 330mm deep dish suede steering wheel with snap off boss kit
  • White face dials 3 x 52mm

The engine would come out one last time before the car was officially finished, the turbo was rebuilt and a few extra items were replaced to get the emissions readings good enough for it to be given road worthy status by the government. Sean’s uture plans for the S14.5 include a full engine rebuild, and wheels. The XD9s are on loan while he waits for his Weds Kranze ERMs to arrive.
Photos thanks to Luke Staton
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Words by @schassis_


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