I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Angela Kwok. The Queen of one of New Zealand’s top car crews STANCEMOB, and her 1996 Kouki S14 Silvia. For most normal people, they decide on what car to buy thinking about things like practicality, fuel economy, its safety features… Boring shit like that. But for people like you, me and Ange, it’s more about what looks the best and what goes the best. Ange decided she wanted an S14a or Kouki while watching NZ four times drift King Gaz Whiter slide his angry looking Silvia around the famous Pukekohe Raceway.

Scroll down to see how Angela's S14 has evolved over the years..

Let’s take it back about 2.5 years ago, Ange came across the S14 up for sale, its green Rota grids, clean condition and the sunroof were all major selling points, along with the braided lines, slotted front discs and a couple of other little things she knew it was the one.

Unfortunately the previous owner had clearly been on a tight budget and fitted an open diff… Who does that? And poor Ange had no idea until she paid for a spot and took the car out to her very first drift day. It was a down buzz to say the least, but the very next day she was the proud owner of a Nismo 2way which was the first mod she carried out along with fitting the Recaro bucket seats.

Over time the car would change its appearance quite a number of times, with different wheels, various aero parts and tougher stance.. But the best was yet to come..

The big change came end of 2014 start of 2015 when Ange decided it was time to shake things up again, this time it was going to be a full makeover. It was time for new wheels, new stance, a new color and some body work like it had never seen before!


In true S-Chassis owner style, Ange decided she would give these mods a go herself. It took 2 months of hard evening work, learning on the job to get the flares done. Every night you would find her in the garage working hard to get everything looking just right. Next, the car was dropped off to Dave at The Wrap Shop for the dark blue/grey vinyl to be applied. Once the car was back the new wheels were fitted along with the custom front and skirt lips that Ange and her dad designed themselves. You see her Dad is a joiner by trade.

At first Ange was a bit hesitant on using wood, but after seeing them in the works she was all in, the painted lips are the finishing touches the S14 needed to bring the new look to life.

After all the work was completed Ange was more than happy with the result, the color and the wheels are exactly how she envisioned it and the way the combination works together is her favorite thing about the Silvia.

Future plans for Ange and the S14 include getting back into some drift days and learning some new flips and tricks, rather than leaving it safe in the garage… we all know it’s wrong to keep a beast locked in its cage! If the engine requires some more power to make this possible then it will be done as needed. Otherwise I think Ange is pretty happy with how the S14 is now.

Mod List

  • SR20DET
  • SR3 Recaro – Confetti
  • GReddy Boost Gauge
  • Grip Royal Steering Wheel
  • GReddy Boost Controller
  • Sabelt Harness
  • Vertex Front/Rear Bumper
  • Aftermarket Sideskirts
  • Custom Front/ Side lips
  • OnShow Kustoms Flares
  • Cosmis 206R Wheels
  • Custom DDGarage Exhaust
  • DriftMax Bunny spoiler
  • DriftMax Roof Spoiler
  • Wrap – The Wrap Shop
  • Nismo 2-Way Diff
  • OZ Suspension

Ange would love to thank her StanceMob family for the continuous love and encouragement to push harder and go further with boundaries. Also the boys at AutoStance for helping with everything along the way and having the advice she always seemed to need. Thanks to Ray at Onshow Kustoms for the flares and #DDGarage for the custom exhaust! Thanks to Jaques at East Tamaki Automotive and a huge thanks to all family and friends who put up with the car talk and everything else she annoys you guys about, Ange really does appreciate you all!


 Follow Ange on Instagram: @kwok_adoodlepoo

Check out STANCEMOB on Facebook

Photo shoot in Auckland City thanks to Sean FOSTER!!
-(pic with green wheels via Ange by NZDM)

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