We take an e-trip back to the S-Chassis birth place of Japan for this next feature and catch up with Shota Iwanaga to check out his amazing S14. At 18, Shota-san was keen to get behind the wheel of something fun and exciting, so he bought his first Silvia, an S14 Kouki to be exact. This was the start of his love affair with the S14 chassis. 

This particular Silvia is his 3rd S14, 2nd Kouki and 1st SR20DET. It has been Shota-sans evolving work of art for the past 4 years. If you are ever hanging around Fukuoka (west Japan), keep your eyes peeled and you may just be graced with its presence.

Shota-san has recently put this S14 through a bit of a rebuild, with new wheels and aero a noticeable difference, so let’s start there. Up front you will find the original S14 Kouki JDM front bumper with a C-West lip. Running down the sides you will find a pair of Origin skirts, BN Sport fenders cover the rear quarters while modified metal fenders reside up front. The back side has been wrapped up with a BN Sports rear bar with custom metal duck-tail spoiler. Up front an Origin hood seals the deal. Most parts of this kit have been revised by ‘Mr. Sonic Hedgehog’ creating the custom and not quite off the shelf look, all of which set this S14 apart.
The kicks are jaw dropping aren’t they?! These are Infinatewerks BR 3 piece forged wheels in full chrome with a brushed dish. Fronts measure in at 18 x 10 while the rears are a staggering 18 x 12. Shota-san runs Federal 595 tires all round.
Moving on into the cabin we can see nothing has been left un-turned. Original minty custom pixel paint covers the floor making for one trippy first impression. The next thing that’s not hard to notice is the 7-point CUSCO roll cage. Safety has been further enhanced with the addition of Bride bucket seats and Checkman Racing five point harnesses. An Avenue steering wheel and NISMO gear knob have been added for comfort while boost, oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature gauges have been fitted to keep an eye on the vitals.
Recently Shota-san took the S14 to StanceNation Japan G Edition NAGASAKI @Huis Ten Bosch and took home the Stance award, so if you are planning on building and entering a car, this is what you are up against!



  • SR20DET
  • SUS exhaust
  • HPI front pipe
  • 柿本改exhaust → original remake
  • HKS intercooler
  • HKS intake


  • 2 way LSD
  • S14 5spd Gearbox


Wheels and Tires

  • Infiniteworks BR
    • Rim : full chrome
    • Dish : brushed
  • Front 18 x 10
  • Rear 18 x 12
  • Front tire : Federal SS595 225/35/18
  • Rear tire : Federal 595 RS-R 285/30/18


  • Slotted Discs
  • Factory 4 pot front
  • Factory rear




  • front : S14 original + C-west rip (revise by Sonic Hedge Hog )
  • Side : Origin
  • Rear : BN sports
  • Front fender : Sonic Hedge Hog original metal fender
  • Rear fender : BN sports (revise by Sonic Hedge Hog )
  • Hood : Origin
  • Trunk : Sonic Hedge Hog original metal duck tail
  • Lights: Original full led and ring headlight 


  • 326 power Chakuriki coilovers
  • Adjustable tension rods
  • Adjustable toe, camber and traction arms
  • Solid subframe bushes



  • Bride bucket seats
  • Avenue steering wheel
  • NISMO shift knob
  • Checkman Racing five point harnesses
  • gages(boost ,oil press, oil temp, water temp)
  • 7 point cusco rollbar
  • Original minty custom pixel paint


A huge thank you goes out to Shota-san for taking the amazing photos of his S14 for our feature. If you like what you see, find the whole team over at Low’N Slow Crew or his home club S.S.Maverick . Check out the brand Untamɘd® here. You can also follow Shota-san on IG @shota_rock

Words by @schassis_


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