Some of you may recognize Jason Underwood’s immaculate S13 Silvia, it has done the rounds of internet in various forms and has become the dreams of many people. From the headlights to the Rocket Bunny wing, everything is pretty much perfect.

It all began in 2010. Jason picked up a completely stripped S13 Silvia Q’s and took it home to his garage where it stayed. Yes this car was fully built in Jason’s garage, from engine installation and piecing the front end back together, to paint, suspension and everything in between.

It was hard for Jason to see the Silvia just sitting there with so much potential. He would sit at work and make mods lists and price check parts, so he had everything planned. Jason wanted every part on the car to be legit and didn’t want to half-ass anything. The only problem was that Jason is just too impatient. The savings account wasn’t building fast enough to actually start the project and Jason couldn’t stand it, the time had come to sell his modified RSX to fund the S13 build. The sale went down on a Sunday, Jason’s wife took the cheque and banked the following Monday.
Once it cleared I imagine Jason probably had the most fun any car guy has ever had! Like a kid in a candy store. Jason spent $12,000 (usd) in about 2 hours. PayPal even called to make sure his account had not been compromised. Long story short, he doesn’t remember what the first purchase was specifically. Jason bought all the big parts first: The Redtop SR, Vertex Aero, and all the suspension parts. He also had to have Recaro seats. It was literally Christmas in July at Jason’s house, he painted the engine bay and door and trunk jams, and then installed parts as they arrived.
Over the course of ownership the setup has been changed a couple of times. The original color was sunset bronze mica. Jason rocked that for a couple years and then decided to repaint it red. He has also changed the wheel setup several times as each time the lips were never deep enough.
The S13 originally started out with Vertex front fenders, but drifting took its toll on those. They ended up being replaced with rolled and pulled metal Silvia fenders.
No matter what goes wrong, Jason will do anything in his power to get it fixed right away, he can’t ever let it just sit. He simply loves driving it and cruising with his family. This S13 is daily driven, in fact, on more than one occasion it has been driven 3 hours to a drift event, drifted all day and driven back home again, with AC blasting! It truly is a great street car.
So when you own a car of this caliber is it possible to have a favorite thing? The answer is yes. Jason loves the seats and what’s not to love! They are confetti Recaros after all. He also loves how wide and low it looks when rolling down the street, every time the setup changes Jason gets his brother Mike or his Dad to drive so he can watch it go by.


Engine/Drive line

  • Red Top SR20DET
  • 2871R Turbo
  • Tomei exhaust manifold
  • Custom welded FMIC piping
  • GReddy intake manifold
  • Z32 MAF
  • Tial BOV
  • Tomei fuel pressure reg
  • Tomei injectors
  • Tomei elbow
  • Custom exhaust
  • Tuned by Enthalpy on 20psi.
  • Act 6 puck clutch, heavy duty pressure plate
  • Driveshaft shop one piece driveshaft


  • Fortune auto coilovers
  • Isis tension rods
  • SPL rear upper control arms
  • SPL traction arms
  • SPL toe arms
  • Tomei front strut tower bar
  • Rear strut tower bar
  • C pillar bar

Wheels and tires

  • Work VSKF’s
  • Chrome faces polished lips
  • 18×10 +8 | 5 inch lips | 225/40/18
  • 18×11 -13 | 6 inch lips | 255/35/18
  • Red and Gold VS center caps



  • Vertex aero
  • Chargespeed hood
  • Chargespeed rear 50mm over fenders
  • Dmax roof wing
  • Rocket bunny trunk wing
  • DMAX taillights
  • Street factions front bash bar


  • Recaro confetti’s
  • Bride rails
  • Vertex 7 star steering wheel, NRG quick release and hub
  • Vertex shift knob
  • Turbosmart eboost 40 boost controller
  • AEM wideband
  • Volts gauge
  • Pioneer double din head unit

Special mentions from Jason: I’d like to thank my wife Crystal for supporting me and keeping me sane throughout the build, rebuild, rebuild, and rebuild! She’s been there helping me install parts, bringing me food so I don’t have to stop, etc. She’s helped with bodywork, changing transmissions and rear ends after a couple drift events, and she listens every time I start a sentence with, “So hear me out, I’m thinking I might…” I mean she’s truly been there for me. I want to thank my friend Aaron Daugherty for being there for the build. When I was up at 2am, he was there with me. In the mornings, he’d be there, coffee in hand, ready to go. Sometimes, his showing up got me motivated for the day. He’s a true friend. I want to thank my pops for helping build the car; he’s been in on this for the entire build helping wrench, install, and paint. All he has to hear is that I’m working, and like a true great dad, he’s there. He knows how to do it all. Anytime I need him, just can’t get what I’m working on, or I’m frustrated to my breaking point, he’s there to help and keep me motivated. He is amazing and he knows so much. I want to thank my brother Michael Potts. He’s also been there the entire time, wrenching, helping pick out parts, and providing moral support. Everyone is out cruising and having a great weekend, but if I was ever down and in the garage, he was there with me. He’s a true friend and great brother. I don’t know how I ever could have finished my build without all of these people. 

Follow Jason on Instagram: @streetstyle_jay



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