1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R

One of the things we as S-Chassis owners often find is that whatever we do to our cars, well.. it’s been done before. Blake however is different. All of his builds have his unique touch and become well known in the local car scene and this S15 is no different. The Silvia found its way into Blake’s garage and was originally going to be a fun skid car, but things soon got out of hand. Blake’s good mate Jared owns a 1JZ powered 180SX, which is pretty extreme to say the least. Blake owned a matching RB26 S14 and he had also built a matching SR powered S13 as well, but both of these had moved on to new owners. It wasn’t long into owning the S15 before the two hatched their plan to enter the 180SX and Silvia into the South Island Champs, one of New Zealand’s most prestigious import car shows.

The S15 received a coat of Blake’s famous Cany Customs paint; a new body kit and his precious Work Equips were fitted. Add some low and crazy headlights and as it turns out, he had an award winning car. Yes, both Jared and Blake came away from the South Island Champs with an award each and were feeling very happy with their efforts.

At the time both had a lot going on in their lives, Blake ended up buying a house and in the process he had sold the engine, gearbox and wheels off the S15 and put it into storage. Who knows how long it may have sat there for, but luckily Falgoon Patel from Speedmagnet got in touch. After hearing the S15 was in storage he convinced both Blake and Jared that they needed to put the cars back together in true ‘wedrift’ style and bring them up to Auckland in New Zealand’s North Island to display at the Auckland 4&Rotary Nationals 20th Anniversary show, which consists of a huge show n shine on a Saturday followed by a day out at Meremere Dragway on the Sunday.

With that it was game on, both cars needed a bit of work to get them back to their former glory so Blake was quick to track down the guy who he had sold his equips to and begged for them back, he then tracked down an SR motor and ordered up a ton of bolt on’s. New 326 power adjustable suspension was fitted, along with a huge BCL wing.

As the S15 came together it was really starting to look the part, and the small additions and attention to detail really set it off, from the custom made headlights to the wicked 326Power spike wheel nuts, everything ties together to make one hell of a car. Three months after Blake started to put the car back together the transporter arrived and it was time to load them up and head to Auckland – a 1,076.3km journey that also requires a ferry crossing over New Zealand’s Cook Strait.

The guys were set up with the rest of the Speedmagnet team and proceeded to drop jaws all weekend long with their insane S-Chassis, but stopping the show was not enough! Blake was here to show the world these cars aren’t just built to look good, but also to perform and take a bit of abuse as well. Day two of the nationals would see these cars driven about an hour South of Auckland to Meremere drag way for some good old fashioned drag racing and burnouts. Both Blake and Jared proceeded to wow the crowds all day running both cars sideways down the strip and tearing up the skid pad with the equips still attached in all four corners.

Following the Nationals, both Blake and Jared where popping up all over social media channels with pics and video being posted everywhere, it’s safe to say they had well and truly mesmerized the Auckland car scene and raised the bar very high. So what can we expect next from these guys? Well future plans include bringing the cars back to a more street-able look, with new kits, wheels, full interior and a color change. Their plan is to unveil their new looks at the 2016 South Island Champs.

Blake and Jared are members of wedrift usa and have started up wedrift nz with hopes to set the standards high and encourage other car builders to look outside the box for ideas and really individualize their cars. At this stage, there is little known about how the S15 will emerge with its new look, but Blake says to expect something new and not currently done to any of the S15s that reside down here on our two small islands in the pacific. So with that said its time to sit back, and prepare ourselves for the debut of the new look Cany Customs S15, don’t worry.. we will bring you a follow up feature after the SI Champs, but if you can’t wait for that I’m sure it will become a social media trending topic on the 10th of December 2016.


  • Factory Internal Sr20det
  • Cosworth Multilayer Head Gasket
  • Z32 Airflow Meter
  • Spec Performance Fab Intercooler And Intake Pipes
  • K And N Air Filter
  • Bosh 465 Lph Fuel Pump For E85
  • Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Tomei M8270 Turbo
  • Tomei Braided Oil, Water Lines
  • Tomei Stainless Down Pipe
  • Tomei 2+1 Exhaust System
  • Mb Fabworks Twin 3 Inch Exhaust Tip
  • GReddy Intercooler
  • Fenix Alloy Radiator, Twin 12″Fans
  • Nismo Chip In Tune ECU
  • Spec Performance Tune
  • Eboost Stage 2 Boost Controller
  • Japrace Oil Catch Can + Braided Oil Lines
  • Loom Tuck
  • Mb Fabworks Smoothed Rocket Cover
  • Cany Customs Coil Cover
  • Factory Textured Intake And Rocket Cover
  • Dyno 366hp on E85
  • 0-400m (FULL 1/4 mile) 15.7 sideways with huge camber


  • Factory 6 Speed Gearbox
  • Exedy 5 Puk Clutch
  • R200 2 Way LSD Locked Akon Diff
  • Dba Slotted Type 2 Rotas
  • R32 GTR 4 Pot Front Callipers
  • R32 GTR 2 Pot Rear Callipers
  • GKTECH Braided Brake Lines
  • GKTECH Hydro Handbrake
  • GKTECH Abs Delete Kit
  • GKTECH Solid Diff Mounts
  • GKTECH Adjustable Rear Arms
  • Partshopmaxx Solid Subframe Mounts
  • Partshopmaxx Drop Knuckles
  • Partshopmaxx Camber Arms
  • 326 Power Adjustable Suspension
  • Spring Rate – Front: 30k Rear: 20K
  • 326 Power Allow Spike Wheel Nuts
  • Hotter Then Pink Detailed Subframe
  • Green 326Power Color Diff +Axles


  • Work 18″ 3piece Equips
  • Front: 18×9 -5 215/35 R18
  • Rear: 18×10.5 -20 225/35 R18



  • Defi Gauges – Oil Temp, Exhaust Temp, Fuel Pressure, Boost Pressure
  • Chrome Mirror Tints
  • Front Fixed Back Sparco Evo Seats
  • Mb Fabworks Gear Knob
  • GKTECH Hydro Handbrake
  • Bolt In Cusco Half Cage
  • Cusco Strut Brace
  • Custom Carbon Fibre Back Seat Removal Board
  • JVC Head Unit
  • JVC 6×9 400w 6″180w For Some Beats While Doing Skids


  • Custom Mipa Venus Paint By Cany Customs
  • Dmax Fiberglass Bonnet
  • Workshop 50mm Rear Over Fenders
  • Front 30mm Fiberglass Guards
  • Tubbed Rear Guards
  • Vertex Full Body Kit
  • Big Country Labs Wing – Chrome Vinyl Wrapped
  • Smoked Rear Led Taillights
  • Cany Custom Front Headlights (One Off)
  • Detailed Under Body

Some words from Blake:
Big big thanks goes to my work place and my boss Martin for all the support and the help, thanks to the rest of the boys at GTR performance and Ron’s Panel and Paint, my partner Sally for all them late nights helping me and putting up with me, my parents for the visions and passion for cars at such a young age and letting me live my dreams, Kerry and Snow at budget tires for all help, Ryan at Luxury Sports, Jared for all the help vision and ups and downs through the builds, MB Fabworks for all the custom little touches they have made it what it is, John, Ryan and Spec Performance, all my friends that have helped over the years with my car, there is so many people to thank.

Feature shoot thanks to Sean Foster

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Action shots thanks to Saret Em

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Follow Blakes work on Facebook: Cany customs

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Words by: @schassis_

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