It’s been a while, but we’re finally back to featuring some of the worlds coolest S-Chassis! After troubling issues with our website we have finally found a partial fix that will do for now. This particular feature was supposed to be finished last year, so I am very happy to introduce you to EJ’s 1989 Nissan 240SX. It appears a little different to most US built 240 coupes thanks to the JDM Silvia front end conversion, so let’s take a closer look at what sets this S13 apart.

Take it back a couple of years… EJ was keen to add a coupe to his possessions and a friend of his had a small collection of s-chassis up for sale. Two were spoken for but there was one left, a relatively straight S13 with only a minor dent on the fender. The car had been sitting for a long time and needed work but the body seemed like a good canvas to start with. The car had an interesting history, the previous owner had worked on the car with the intention of having a nice daily. “The engine was rebuilt and resealed, factory accessories and equipment and panels were installed and every piece of the car was intact and there” says EJ. “Apparently something had gone wrong with the rebuilt engine, and the car was parked up and hadn’t been touched again. That was over a decade ago!” The goal was to get the S13 back on the road as a show/VIP car… A small side project to his other build which is a 240 hatch receiving a 1JZ VVTI and 350Z 6speed swap but “The coupe build kind of took over”…

Once in EJs hands, it was time to strip it back and build it up to his spec with a bunch of parts he had been collecting. First up was the Silvia front end conversion, complete with metal JDM Silvia fenders and bonnet, and removing the pop up headlights in favour of the sought after Brick style Silvia lights and an immaculate Silvia grille. A genuine K’s front bumper with intercooler vent and a pig nose lip were also fitted to complete the conversion. EJ has also added factory 180SX Type X side skirts, HIC rain guards and Driftlab FRP rear valances to complete the body’s exterior makeover.

Next it was time to attack the steering, suspension and chassis. A new power steering rack with stainless steel lines was fitted with Tein inner rack ends and Nissan Maxima outer tie rod ends. Heimed, extended, and gusseted front lower control arms with a GKtech Front Roll Center Correction kit were installed along with other suspension upgrades including BattleVersion front tension rods, a Sikky front sway bar, BattleVersion adjustable rear upper control arms, ISR pro adjustable rear lower and toe arms, DNA bracing and the car is sitting on Fortune Auto USA Prime coilovers which all help the car achieve such an aggressive stance. A ShaftMasters 1pc Aluminium Driveshaft and a JDM VLSD with 5bolt axles were also installed. Next a 4 to 5 lug swap and bigger S14 brake rotors in order to retain the factory callipers with the 5 lug hubs. While doing the brakes EJ also swapped out the old brake lines and replaced them with Russell stainless steel braided lines all round. He has also fitted new brake and clutch master cylinders along with a one piece stainless steel clutch line and new slave cylinder.Under the hood received some attention as well with a new MAF, aluminium three core cross-flow radiator, new radiator hoses, a new water pump, new belts, new fuel lines, new clutch and flywheel and even a new fuel tank, fuel pump and sender unit.

Suspension/Braking/Lug Conversion:

  • -FortuneAuto Prime 24way adj. coilover suspension
  • -Alexander Fabrication hemmed and gusseted Front Lower control arms
  • -GKtech Front Roll Center Correction kit
  • -Tein Inner rack ends
  • -Nissan Maxima outer tie rod ends
  • -BattleVersion Front tension rods
  • -Sikky Front sway bar
  • -New power steering rack w/SS lines
  • -BattleVersion adj. Rear upper Control arms
  • -ISR pro adj. Rear Lower control arms
  • -ISR Rear adj. toe arms
  • -DNA front/rear/lower strut bar/braces
  • -Circuit Sport rear sway bar links
  • -5lug hub conversion
  • -S14 disc rotors
  • -ALL brake lines replaced w/Russell Stainless Steel lines front to back
  • -New Hawk Performance brake pads front & rear
  • -New brake master cylinder


  • -Rebuilt & resealed with stock internals
  • -Port and polished head
  • -3 angle valve job
  • -Aluminum 3core crossflow Radiator
  • -High flow water pump
  • -New hoses
  • -Stock fuel system with new gas tank and pump/sender unit, filter & lines
  • -Agency Power SS 1pc clutch line
  • -New clutch master cylinder
  • -New slave cylinder
  • -New clutch and flywheel
  • -ShaftMasters 1pc Aluminum Driveshaft
  • -5bolt axles


  • -Factory Brown with rear seat deleted
  • -Bride Vios III LowMax blue seats
  • -BuddyClub super low seat brackets
  • -Nardi Personal wood grain touring steering wheel
  • -Crown royal shift boot
  • -Sony cd/mp3 player w/Bluetooth
  • -Alpine speakers front and rear
  • -Custom carpeted internal trunk cover
  • -Kicker 1600w peak 12″ sub
  • -MTX 1501D mono amplifier

The interior is a simple but clean set up with a new Sony Bluetooth head unit pumping sound through Alpine 2 and 3 way speakers and a kicker 12” sub powered by an MTX 1501D mono amplifier. There is a rare Nardi Personal retro touring steering wheel complete with a brand new gold plated horn button that EJ had been searching for, and found after months of looking that was shipped over from Italy. Although originally replaced with a set of brown Gen1 RX7 seats on custom rails the car is currently fitted with blue Bride LowMax Vios III bucket seats that had been ‘borrowed’ from his hatch. EJ admits he only put them in to satisfy his curiosity. “I’m currently looking to buy new seats for the other 240 now” he says. They match the white exterior perfectly and seem to work well with the brown trim. 35% tints all round keep the interior temperature cool, EJ also added the proverbial Crown Royal bag shift boot and a custom carpeted internal trunk cover. Everything else is original and stock right down to the manual wind up windows.

Happy with the way the exterior was looking with good fitment of the front end and the body straight, the car was sent off for paint. A custom picked and ordered Ure-Kem 3-stage ‘Snow Blush’ pearl white urethane based paint topped off with a polymer based clear coat was sprayed over the panels. To match the new exterior look an order was put in for a fresh set of wheels… 18×9.5 front (3.5″ lip) and 18×10.5 rear (4.5″ lip) Weds Kranze Vishunu’s wrapped in 225/30/18 Nankang’s (FR) and 245/30/18 Nexen’s (RR) assembled with black powder coated barrels, new polished chrome forged lips, original dark chrome faces and original hardware, which EJ replaced with 24k gold plated hardware, and finished with 24k gold plated spiked lug nuts complete the look. The GKtech roll center correction kit is needed to give the extra 3 inches of track width required plus a little camber adjustment that along with rolled and pulled quarter panels get the wheels in and tucked up nicely without the need for spacers.

With all of the work done, EJ has been enjoying taking the S13 to shows and events but like many other 240s as much as it looks like a finished project it’s not.. Plans are already in the works and an engine transplant is next on the list for this S13, EJ is currently sourcing the new engine for the coupe but those details are under wraps for now…

For updates on the S13 you can follow EJ on Instagram @erkanjrk.

For more content from M.A_JaFari check out his Instagram @m.a_jafari , and Facebook M.A.JafariPhotos.

Photos thanks to EJ Dent and M.A_JaFari photography

Words by @schassis_ .


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