To the vast majoring of people living on this planet, when they think of Japan, they don’t think of modified cars. They think of food, castles, temples, mountains, earthquakes, nuclear power, technology, vending machines, and anime just to name a select few things. You could easily visit Japan for a month and pay no attention to that humming RB rolling through the streets of Tokyo, or the pulsing noise of an RX-7 in the mountains of Hiroshima. You’d be none the wiser, and leave Japan without ever experiencing something truly magnificent.

After living in Japan for just over 3 months, it’s become apparent that the younger generations are just not that into modifying cars in Japan. Making the 10 hours drive up to Tokyo, to witness an event as outstandingly impressive as this, brought my spirits up, and brought hope to my eyes for the next wave of young hooligans to purchase their first set of keys.

The event run by Stance Nation was held in Odaiba in the greater Tokyo area. It was nothing like I’d ever seen before. The amount of cars present, literally blew my mind. Also, the workmanship was on another level, detail upon detail, my camera didn’t know where to look next. This article won’t just focus on the S-Chassis platform of vehicles, but all Nissans that caught my eye.

The name of this event shows a genre not walking far from the ‘stance’ movement that has been increasingly popular and also heavily discriminated against. Of all the just shy of 1000 cars present, the main goal north of 90 percent of attendees vehicles had this style of modification in mind. As we start to look through some of the Nissans present, I’m sure even if you’re not a fan of ‘stance’, maybe you’ll be able to appreciate the quality of some of the following cars.

I’ve always been a massive fan of factory aero on Silvias. Especially on the S14, it all goes together so well. The one main toss up that people modifying this era of Silvia’s face is the decision to go with zenki or kouki side skirts. You can see here that the zenki aero skirts have been chosen, these match up with the top of the end caps and front lip. The kouki however, matches up with the bottom part of the lip and end caps, creating a different look entirely.

On the other end of the scale, we had full on, not a bolt unturned modified Silvias. This particular S15 had me looking for a good while. The front bumper and side skirts are actually factory aero products from Nissan, but the owner has added extra lips, as well as a new bonnet and super wide guards up front and in the rear.

The classic Nissan March or Micra depending on where in the world you are from. This one had been taken to extreme levels of crazy, the rear wheels looked to have only an inch or two of actual ground contact. Although examining kei cars over here in Japan, some of their normal wheels are stupidly skinny, so to have a wide tyre with only a small contact patch, might not be that bad with such a small car.

Amichi had brought his yellow and white 300zx up from Kobe city for the weekend. He’s also another photographer that follows the 300zx scene in Japan, and wouldn’t you believe it, there is an enormous amount of 300zx lovers hiding in all corner of Japan.

One of the classic combinations right here. The typical Type X red 180sx on some bronze Volk wheels. I don’t think it gets much better than this for a daily driver 180sx. The front lights and bolt on flares also give a nice personal touch to the well-overdone look of red and bronze.

As well as all the seriously modified exteriors, there were a number of extremely modified engines lurking in the corners. This R34 is rocking the GT-R RB26 engine with a single turbo conversion, plus all the other goodies. This package would surely pack a punch and sit you back down in your seat.

Another killer Silvia in attendance was Seiji’s kouki S14 with a massive BCL wing hanging off the boot. It looks the part, but sometimes I wonder how cars this low can make it to the 7/11 and back in one piece without putting holes in the chassis. It’s a mystery.

How about these two old school Datsun's for cool? The one on the right has been so used that the number plate is barely readable, that’s what you call using something to its full potential. Both are equipped with roll cages, so it wouldn’t surprise me if these are weekly track hacks owned by a pair of old Japanese friends.

New Nissan's also made a great presence at the show. With multiple car modification companies showing the public what accessories they have created for these new releases of old classics. Stardast has created a 370Z that hugs the ground thanks to some wide bolt on guards, and I’m hoping some air suspension, because if that’s static, there’s no way the chassis will survive.

Quite a lot of older 350zs were also on display. I liked how these two were set up. It’s like the black 350 is acting as the Rocket Bunny equipped 350’s shadow. Mimicking it’s every move, I can just imagine them heading around the C1 loop together, with the shadow sitting on the rear bumper of our blue friend.

Maybe you remember that totally mind-blowing BMW that surfaced the internet a few months ago with the stupidly wide wheels. That car was owned by Sho from Freakin Works. They had a whole row of modified contraptions present at this year’s Stance Nation event. This one is Haruki’s Fairlady Z, with massive 13-inch wide wheels putting rubber to the ground.

Who is up for some ground scraping front diffuses? These two S-Chassis had a strong presence. The bold colors made them stand out from the surrounding cars. I’m going to assume that these cars had been lowered for this event, if that’s how they drive on a daily basis, that’s just crazy. But if it works for them, who is to judge, each to their own.

While I was looking for a car to photograph for a friend back in NZ, I came across this rather unique thing. A Nissan Cima modified by Hiroyuki. The RB26 engine is pushing out 600 horses and is put to the ground by some 11.5 rear and 10inch front SSR 18inch wheels.

Then we go back to the other end of the spectrum again. Cars that are full on spotless. The time and effort that goes into something like this isn’t a piece of cake. Come to think of it, I think this was my favorite S14 from the show, the pure aggressiveness of it made me fall head over heals.

Right next to the actual event stood another big carpark that was used to place all of the guest’s sweet rides. It would take days to go over every single car that I saw during this 7 to 8 hour period on the man main island that is Odaiba, so we’ll just leave you with a few images, hopefully enough to spark interest in your own mind to come visit Japan one day, if you haven’t already.

How about this for an ending car? An S13 with a 180sx front bolted up to it. And, it’s a convertible. Not everyday you see something like this, even in NZ where there are an abundant amount of rare and strange Japanese cars hiding in sheds and collecting dust.

Another year was done and dusted for the crew at Stance Nation. I’m most definitely putting this event on my calendar for next year and making the trip back to Tokyo, 100% worth the drive. From what I saw this year, it’s only going to get better and more mind blowing next year, for anyone wanting to know, this event took place in the middle of October, so mark it down in your 2017 calendar, and I’ll see you there!


Article and Photos thanks to Shaun Constable

Follow Shaun on Facebook: Ambition Works

And in Instagram: @ambitionworks


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