Automania Festival 2016

It's that time of the year again! And to be honest, I was going to give this event a miss due to by back injury, but I had so many people wanting to head out together with our S-Chassis and that was plenty of motivation for me to plan something. 

It was only about a week or so out from the event so I got to work and quickly had a bunch of Silvias and 180s organized for a pre-meet and then a cruise to the event.  

After a good catch up and look at the cars, we decided it was time to head of, the drive to the North Shore Events Centre was around 20 minutes.

The drive was lots of fun, I think we may be responsible for a few broken necks along the way. The cars all looked and sounded so good together, it was quite the spectacle.

Once we arrived and parked up, it was time to go for a look around, as usual, there was no shortage of cars or live shows to keep us entertained throughout the day.

Ryan's S12 caught peoples attention all day long, with most mistaking it for an AE86 at first. They were very interested to hear that S-Chassis go back beyond the S13 and were particularly interested in the FJ20ET power plant.

If you would like to see more of Ryan's S12 check out his feature here.

David's 180 was looking great! That combo of the 326Power wing and the Type X tails really set the back end off.

Another 180SX I was really loving was Jacks, the type X is my personal favorite from the 180 line, and this is a great example of how one can look.

This was the first meet I had been able to get to in quite a while, it was so good to be back out there again, despite how hard it actually was for me to be there. I'm glad I was able to have my car on site so I could head back to it and jump in for a comfy rest from time to time. 

Moving to the indoor display and I was in my element, Shoheb's S14 is looking better than ever, he is really keeping that Zenki dream alive! 

This widebody S15 with carbon aero extensions was immaculate and so clean! The pics don't do the paint justice, it was reflecting like a mirror.

Suhail had his Datsun Sunny on display, this is a regular at shows and each time it appears, it's looking better and better! 

I really love the attention to detail on this car, it has undergone a huge amount of work that has really paid off! 

The amount of S-Chassis on display inside was limited but there were still plenty of other Nissan's around to drool over.

Vick's R35 was one of them. Running huge wheels, airbags, massive aero and a full Liberty Walk kit covered with amazing graphics, this was definitely a crowd pleaser.

GT-R's were quite a common sight at this event, one of my favorites was this R32 in factory AH3 Burgundy, it's like the bigger, more badass version of my S13.

Then there were the Exotic's, money must be just a thing to the owners of these amazing cars...That Twin Turbo set up is NUTS!

Overall it was a great day out, with amazing cars, great company and lots of good fun. Until next year, Automania ✌🏼


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